Triangle Bookend

Triangle Bookend

Triangle Bookend

Bookend made up from MDF. I assemble seven different triangles to make the perfect bookend.

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Triangle Bookend 2 -2,50 €

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These bookends are manufactured from fiber wood (MDF) which are heavy enough to firmly hold your beloved books and prevent them to fall or to mess up. It is possible to use this bookend 2 ways: vertically or horizontally. The bookends of Aux Merveilles d'Alice is an original design, manufactured by me. This product is exclusively sold on this website. It's an original gift for every reader or a deco-lover !

This bookend is available in a lot of color thank you the hand painting habit I have. You can order a custom color, so feel free to ask me any color you wish. For this bookend, the default color is a beautiful gold wich can match with every piece of furniture.

Watch out : the price is given for one bookend, a shorting is given if you buy 2 parts !

This bookend is complety hand-made, I manufactured them with Roland, My CNC machine, and after I assemble the triangles. I made the assembly and I paint it. I manufacture every step by myself, so it only take 2-3 days to make a new bookend ! Do not be afraid to order one even if it is not available on stock !

Need some help for the color choice ? Feel free to ask me some advice. Your gift has not the good color or since you have it, you find a little something that does not match with your interior ? No big deal, if you have changed your mind, send it back to me, the returns are free.

Data sheet

  • Height - 17,5 cm
  • Width - 16,5 cm
  • Depth - 12 cm
  • Weight - 250g
  • Material - Wood
  • Holder - to lay

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