Girl reading Bookend

Girl reading Bookend

Girl reading Bookend

Bookends with a girl who is reading, it shows a delicate and vintage mood.

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Girl reading Bookend 2 -2,50 €

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These bookends are manufactured from MDF which is heavy enough to firmly hold your beloved books and prevents them to fall or to mess up. The bookends of Aux Merveilles d'Alice are an original design, manufactured by Alice Salmon. It's an original gift for every reader ! This bookend is hand painted with matt black acrylic paint !

Watch out : the price is given for one bookend, a shorting is given if you buy 2 parts !

This bookend is complety hand-made, I manufactured them with Roland, My CNC machine, and after I assemble the vertical support on the horizontal parts, and at the very end, I paint everything !

Data sheet

  • Height - 17 cm
  • Width - 11 cm
  • Depth - 12 cm
  • Material - MDF
  • Holder - to lay


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