These bookends are engraved with a royal animal. The Deer stands out proudly on a oak background. This background also reveal the material of this bookend: recycled oak wood.


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These deer bookends are manufactured from old oak steps from stair. This noble material is easy to sustain. These bookends are heavy enough to guaranty that your books will not fall. This bookend is a creative design 100% made from recycled product and 100% made by me!

Deers symbolize power, life and longevity. With the bear, this wild animal symbolizes royalty and the strength of nature. The deer has been the symbol of the resurrection during Middle Age because of the horns which are growing back every year. It is largely spread in heraldry, on the coat of arms of families and towns. I also want to allow this noble animal to show off in our home.

These bookends are completely hand-made. I cut and engrave the Deer with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine. After, I cut and sand down the heavy base support. I assemble the shape with the base by gluing. The bookends are delivered with a raw finish. As it is natural wood, you are free to wax them to facilitate the maintenance. If you wish, I can varnish your Deer bookends on request; it is free of charge (you will just have to wait 3 days to allow the varnish to dry completely).

Each bookend is made up from treads and risers of old stairs, they are natural wooden boards. Therefore, each bookend is unique and can be slightly different than the pictures hereby. Variations appear in the color of the wood or in the orientation of the fibers. A few reminders of the fact that the bookends are from recycled materials can appear as nodes, marks of nail or of no-longer-here woodworms. I do like these, I think it is somehow romantic, but if you don’t like your bookends, feel free to ask a free return!

Data sheet

  • Height - 200 mm
  • Width - 170 mm
  • Depth - 130 mm
  • Weight - 350 gr
  • Material - Wood
  • Holder - to lay


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