Clock Artclock: Blue Sky

Clock Artclock: Blue Sky

Clock Artclock: Blue Sky

A clock as beautiful as a painting can be, it's the "ArtClock" Collection !

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Following the poll made on my blog, the project you have chosen is the Art'Clock Project !

These clocks are a mix of art and home design. Each clock is hand painted and entirely manufactured by myself (cutting, assembly of the high-quality german mechanism, vernish, painting). These unique parts are grouped in collection. Each collection contains 8 parts which are similar but still unique. After 8 clocks, it will be the end of the collection, so you are sure to be the only one to have this marvelous clock !

Each clock is sold with a high quality mechanism, with a some large modern needles indicating hours, minutes and seconds. Theses clocks are delivered completely assembled with a battery and a hook.

Very nice idea : oder a set of three clocks, painted in the same time, they would make a triptych which would show the hours of Paris, Tokyo and New-York !

The Blue Sky collection :

The Blue Sky collection shows a lot of clear colors : transluscent blues, mojito green, yellow and turquoise. This color tones let guess a sky, the see, the ocean or whereever your heart want to go ! The small hints of yellow or orange add contrast and brilliance to appeal your senses.

Data sheet

  • Height - 305 mm
  • Width - 305 mm
  • Depth - 5 mm 25 mm avec mécanisme
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - Mural (hold on wall)


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