Clock: a Cat's freedom

Clock: a Cat's freedom

Clock: a Cat's freedom

This wooden clock named Cats' freedom shows all the sides of cats ! They always find a way to trick our surveillance and to transform our rooms into a playground.

More info

The Cats freedom clock is manufactured out of Bamboo. This wood is from sustainable management forest. It's working with a german high quality mecanisme. This clock shows 4 cats which are playing around. The first one is calm and is looking through the window, the second one is trying to eat healthier (more fish). The third one is a kitty playing with wool and the last one is a female coming for some hugs.

The clock is delivered fully assembled and with the battery. Your only work here is to hold it on your wall !

Cats' freedom clock is an original design made up with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine.

Data sheet

  • Height - 300 mm
  • Width - 300 mm
  • Depth - 5 mm
  • Material - Wood
  • Holder - Mural (hold on wall)


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