About me !


Alice Salmon: Artist on one Side

Alice Salmon

The artist who you maybe already know is Alice, after « Me ». I made handcraft since I am a young child (nearly since I'm 3). And little by little, mostly during my study, I changed this passion for painting and creative stuffs into a self-made job.
"During the day", I am an engineer working as production manager. And, Aux Merveilles d'Alice is a second activity. So I do all my artwork during "the night".

Fun fact: when I was young, I made candles in my mom's all-new pans. The result: a full bench of new pan for my do-it-yourself because it was completely unusable for cooking. My mom really liked it ...

True: more space I have, more creativity I develop and more mess there is !

The paintings and the lifestyle collection are signed by "Celia". This is an anagram of Alice, it is a very old nickname I chose when I was on caramail (hell yeah, a long time ago, I am a millennials).

Engineer at the other!

Roland - Ma machine 3 axes

Thanks to my engineer study, I have plenty of skills to bring to life my ideas. In facts, I have bought a 3 axis CNC machine which is named Roland. This machine transforms all my computer drawings into real parts. It allows me to make original designs for the lowest price!

I manufacture with Roland mostly all the business gifts. If you want to know more about Roland, you could read some articles on my blog (French):

Another « engineer-skill »: I made original and colorful parts but they are also useful!

Another Passion : 3D printing

Impression 3D - Katy MO

I am quite mad about 3D printing. Some pieces of work are manufactured with this technology. At the present, I do not have any 3D printer because there is a lot of supplier with very fine machines. But, it does not prevent me to write a lot about this subject on my blog. I try to explain this manufacturing method to everyone. Here are some articles available on my blog (French). :


My universe !

Aux Merveilles d'Alice - MiniMoi !

I love nature, beautiful landscapes and animals (if you want to know more about my inspirations I invite you to join me on Pinterest). The other passions which are influencing my art are Manga books, pop culture and colors! These influences show into my social media management. A little blue and strange creature named Alicette is my representative on my blog, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. She is so much like me ! In facts, mostly hair and glasses, fortunately, I am not blue!

I also love contemporary style : zen influence and abstract art. I am a big fan of Steampunk tendances too. As you surely have understood, I love a lot of different things!


Many Thanks to my friends

Because it is impossible to manage all this stuff during my –so called- free time, I also use the available time of my friends. My boyfriend makes pictures, my best friend manages the website and all the computer-stuff, my friends and colleagues help me with colors. And, of course, my family encourages me. I want to formally thank them for all the support they give to me to help me to go further with Aux Merveilles d’Alice! I also want to thank you, client (or maybe client-to-come) for your trust! Have a nice visit and I hope that my articles will please you.


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