Partenaire île aux trésors

Aux Merveilles d'Alice is a partner of "Ile aux tresors"

The gift cards of Aux Merveilles d'Alice are delivered by "L'île aux trésors". It's a small belgian company wich provide gift cards which you can use in a lot of small company. If you buy one, you can of course buy one of my projects here ! "L'île aux trésors" is a french-based website.

How do I use a "île" (island) ?

If you have a gift card from "île aux trésors" and if you want ot use it, it is very easy:

  1. Buy as usual
  2. When you want to pay, choose "île aux trésors"
    1. Follow the payment instructions : your "île au trésors"'s value and the validation code is mandatory !
    2. If the value of your gift card is not enough, you can send the rest of the amount of money needed by bank transfert.
    3. If the value of your gift car is larger than your order, you can divide the value of your "île aux trésors" on the l'île aux trésors's website before payment OR you will receive a voucher if the residual value is above 1€.

The payment by "île aux trésors" requires the validation of your code and can take a few hours. If you have any question, feel free to contact me !

How can I offer a gift card for Aux Merveilles d'Alice ?

Easy : Go on the webpage about Aux Merveilles d'Alice on l'île aux trésors website !