Drink Coasters Box

Drink Coasters Box

Drink Coasters Box

This nice transparent box is free if you buy 9 drinkcoasters from Aux Merveilles d'Alice. It allows to store them or make a nice gift box.

More info

This nice transparent box will allow you to store your drinkcoasters. It also makes it easier to wrap it up if you want to offer the drinkcoasters to a friend.

This box, made in France, perfectly matches Aux Merveilles d'Alice's drinkcoaster dimensions.

You can buy the box separatly or order a set of 9 drinkcoasters, in this case, the box is free of charge!

Data sheet

  • Height - 3,2 cm
  • Width - 10 cm
  • Depth - 10 cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - to lay


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