Little Lezard is a 20 centimeters high jewelry holder which can wear a few earrings ! Some rings can also be organized and  necklaces too. Simple and efficient !

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Earring holder : The lezard is the beautiful solution !

This little lezard, 20 cm high is your trump ! It organizes earrings and decorates your home at the same time ! This cute lezard enables to hold a few rings and some necklaces. It is simple and efficient ! It can follow you on vacantions beacause it is small and easy to cary ! It's your "bring with me" jewelry organizer !

This jewelry holder is sold with a hook which allows to hang it up on the wall. If you wish, you could order a base allowing you to set your jewelry holder without making any hole in your home !

The lezard is an original creation made up with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine and is hand painted. Therefore, this jewelry holder is available in custom version : colors and patterns up to you ! It's the best way to give a complete custom gift or to choose it for yourself !

For the colors, it's up to you and what you wish !

Here are some advices if you are hesitating  :

  • Colorful jewelry holder (blue, pink, ...) matches perfectly with silver jewelry !
  • Black or dark jewelry holder with hint of red goes along with gold jewelry !
  • If your jewelry is colorful (fancy jewelry, multiple colors, flashy parts, ...), you should choose a simple and plain color, your jewelry will make the whole stands out !

Data sheet

  • Height - 21,5 cm
  • Width - 10 cm
  • Depth - 5 mm
  • Weight - 40 gr
  • Material - Plastic


  • Support ZEN

    Lightweight and practical part which complement s harmoniously your earring holder and will also accommodate your favorite necklace .

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  • Floral Support

    Floral support for jewelry holder !

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