Support ZEN

Support ZEN

Support ZEN

Lightweight and practical part which complements harmoniously your earring holder and will also accommodate your favorite necklace.

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A jewelry holder is nice but let's hang on to something! Instead of fixing your jewelry holder via a provided-hook in a wall this support allows you to suspend your new purchase. This product is especially useful for customers who rent ... As practical as aesthetic, this support will find a place of choice next to your sink. In a world that lives 200km / h, why won't you allow yourself a zen break?

Its height is suitable for many styles of earring holders and the base ensures good stability of the jewelry organizer.

Zen Support is manufactured through my  3 axes CNC milling machine aka "Roland", I made the assembly all by myself.

Data sheet

  • Height - 25,8 cm
  • Width - 9 cm
  • Depth - 9 cm
  • Weight - 39 gr
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - to lay


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