Nice Octopuce will wear with elegance all jewelries: earrings, rings and necklaces. He will find a prime place in your bathroom. Its fun look will warm your heart in the morning and will remind you of warm sands beaches!

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This earring holder exudes good humor: its fun look will warm your heart in the morning and will remind you of warm sand beaches! His long and strong tentacles will hold your earrings (17 pairs) and a few rings and necklaces.

This marine animal is naturally made to find "wetlands" as a bathroom. You can hang it on a wall or placed on a stand: it remains as good as new!
This jewelry holder is sold with a hook which allows to hang it up on the wall. If you wish, you could order a base allowing you to set your jewelry holder without making any hole in your home !

The Octopuce is an original creation made up with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine and is hand painted. Therefore, this jewelry holder is available in custom version : colors and patterns up to you ! It's the best way to give a complete custom gift or to choose it for yourself !

Data sheet

  • Height - 204 mm
  • Width - 162 mm
  • Depth - 5mm
  • Weight - 60 g
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - Mural (hold on wall)


  • Support ZEN

    Lightweight and practical part which complement s harmoniously your earring holder and will also accommodate your favorite necklace .

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