In'Circle is the perfect jewelry holder if you have a lot of jewelries ! It is adaptated to long earrings and small one (post earring)

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French ear wires (fishhooks or Shepherd's hooks); kidney wire,

In'Circles, it is the perfect jewelery holder if you have a lot of jewelries ! You can hold all kind of earrings: the small one (post earrings) and all the king of "long earrings" like the ones hold by French ear wires (aka fishhooks or Shepherd's hooks) or kidney wire. There is two time of holes : vertical holes (for all kind of earrings) and horizontal holes (more for post earrings). There is everything you need on this jewelery holder !

In fact, there is three types of way to hold your earrings on the In'Circle jewelery holder :

  1. Grooves for long earring with french wires,
  2. Vertical holes which can hold every tipe of earrings,
  3. Horizontal holes to put post earrings !


In'Circle can be a perfect gift for a friend or for yourself ! Each part is manufactured with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine and is hand painted. Therefore, you have the guarantee of quick delivery, high quality level and 100% belgian made part !

Data sheet

  • Height - 30 cm
  • Width - 15 cm
  • Depth - 15 cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - to lay


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