Katy MO

Katy MO

Katy MO

Katy MO, the most beautiful panda in the world is available in 3D printing.

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Katy MO is the most beautiful panda in the world and a women of character ! She has a life full of adventure in her comics. Aux Merveilles d'Alice is the only figurine provider of Katy MO!

All the stories of Katy MO and the other accessories (bags, ...) are available on www.katymo.com.

What / Who is Katy MO ?

KATY MO© presents a colourful and sparkling graphic world populated by little, funny and cute characters.

Katy MO is also the name of the small panda, main character and emblem of this original new brand. Katy Mo is created by Kate.

Katy MO and her friends promote ideas and convictions which support the sustainable development and advocate ethical and civic values.

Katy MO's little pretty world declines on different supports: T-shirts, toys, notebooks, bags... In so far as these items are integrated into a sustainable development perspective: by being ethically produced, by using organic or recycled materials by being incorporated in a perspective aiming at an improvement and a protection of everyone's resources and life conditions.

The Katy MO brand wants to contribute with YOU to preserve Nature and our beautiful planet and to promote a fairer and more environment-friendly global economy.

Data sheet

  • Height - 6,5 cm
  • Width - 6 cm
  • Depth - 4,5 cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - to lay


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