Vitraux de Provence

Vitraux de Provence

Vitraux de Provence

This canevas has been coloured with provencal colors during my hollidays

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This acrylic painting has texture (different thickness). It has been made during my holliday in Provence (France). It is a very original painting because the different shapes made in the thickness give a feel of tree dimensions. This abstract painting is a mix between a Provencal field and stained glass. It shows the nature, the wind and the elements.

This painting is an original painting, 100% hand painted with acrylic. It is varnished to warranty long-lasting (especially against UV) and to allow you to clean it easily : a simple towel is enough. All the paintings available on Aux Merveilles d'Alice are unique and delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Data sheet

  • Height - 30 cm
  • Width - 24 cm
  • Depth - 1,7 cm
  • Holder - Mural (hold on wall)


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