Bubble Tree (walled)

Bubble Tree (walled)

Bubble Tree (walled)

The Bubble Tree is a completely different jewelry tree ! Each apple will protect your treasure : ring, necklace, bracelet and also earrings !

More info

The Bubble Tree is an apple tree which the color is customizable. Each plexiglass ball is filled with a butterfly of felt. You can easily put a ring, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. The spheres size diversely : some apple are 3 cm heigh, others are 4cm and the biggest ones have a diameter of 5 cm. These are really pratical to hold large rings or some bracelets.

Always protected of dust, your treasures will always be there for you thanks to the Bubble Tree !

The Bubble Tree exists in another version which can  lie on a furniture, which can be useful if you don't want to make "holes" in your appartment.

The Bubble Tree is manufactured in plexiglass (crystal clear plastic) with a black trunk. It easily get in your home because you can choose the color of the spheres. Let's take the tones which will match perfectly with your room. If you need advice, feel free to ask !

Data sheet

  • Height - 325 mm
  • Width - 305 mm
  • Depth - 9 cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - Mural (hold on wall)


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