Clock: Cercles du temps

Clock: Cercles du temps

Clock: Cercles du temps

"Cercles du temps" means Circles of time in french. This clock symbolises the passing time. The clock hands remind you the active working life in opposition to the growth rings of the tree wich remind you the patience of the tree year after year.

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The Clock "Cercles du temps" is a clock manufactured from a piece of wood (5-10mm thick). This simple and very fine clock is the perfect accessorie for a modern home or a delicate interior with a lot of wood accessories.

This clock is meant to be poetic. The story is about time that flows away : seconds, minutes and hours run away more quickly than we want to. And the story is about the calm, the patience of the tree which invite us to take a deep breath and to step back.

More than this fairytale, this practical clock, made from wood, is really nice and somehow strong. The growth rings are sometimes very colored (natural). But, you can also have uniform clock. Some of the clocks have deformed during the drying period and present a crack from the center which makes every clock unique. If you prefer one model instead of another, choose the right for you in the "Material choice form".

Each clock is sold with a high quality mechanism (made in Germany), with large modern needles indicating hours, minutes and seconds. Theses clocks are delivered completely assembled with a battery and a hook.


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