Mathematica Drinkcoaster Pack

Mathematica Drinkcoaster Pack

Mathematica Drinkcoaster Pack

9 Mathematical Drinkcoasters + 1 free storage box + free color!

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If you are searching for deacorative and easy gift for a scientific or curious mind, let's choose the Mathematica Drinkcoasters !

The Mathematica drink coaster are unbreakable because they are made up from plexiglas. Each drinkcoaster made of lines which stands for multiplication formulas.

The 9 drinkcoasters are delivered with a nice transparent box which will allow you to store your drinkcoasters. It also makes it easier to wrap it up if you want to offer the drinkcoaster to a friend. The color choice is yours and free : yellow, blue, black, red or green.

If you want to know how this drinkcoaster are a graphic representation of multiplication formulas : Go to Micmath Video (french)

Data sheet

  • Height - 3,2 cm
  • Width - 10 cm
  • Depth - 10 cm
  • Material - Plastic
  • Holder - to lay


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