Circonvolution Drink Coaster

Circonvolution Drink Coaster

Circonvolution Drink Coaster

These plexiglass drink coasters are unbreakable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The engraved circles are randomized so each drink coaster is unique.

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The Circonvolution Drink Coaster are decorated with circles. They were inspired by ripples on water. Each drink coaster is unique thank to the random generation of the circles. The size and the position of the 30 circles from which a set of nine drink coasters are created, are totally random. Each set of 9 drink coasters together matched together to show an unique pattern.

These drink coasters are completely unbreakable and are dishwasher safe. The Circonvolution drink coasters don't break and don't get stuck at your glass thanks to the engraving ! By ordering them, you can decorate your dinner table and keep it clean ! Even the painted version are 100% dishwasher safe at 50°C. The unpainted one can go up to 60°C in the dishwasher.

The design of the In'Lines drink coaster is an original design I made with Roland, my 3 axis CNC machine. Each part is hand painted. Therefore, they are available in custom color. They can me ordered with or without color !

Impress your guest or your host with these drink coasters! If you buy a complete set of nine drink coaster, the storage box is free : see the "9 in a pack-all-in offer".

Data sheet

  • Height - 4 mm
  • Width - 96 mm
  • Depth - 96 mm
  • Material - Plexiglass
  • Holder - to lay


  • Drink Coasters: Drink Coasters Box / Home decor
    Drink Coasters Box

    This nice transparent box is free if you buy 9 drinkcoasters from Aux Merveilles d'Alice. It allows to store them or make a nice gift box.

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